Integrated Insight Therapy

We are changing the face of Mental Health in Delta, Montrose, and Mesa Counties.

Individual Therapy

Helps people overcome obstacles to
their well-being. It can increase positive
feelings, such as compassion and
self-esteem. People in therapy can learn
skills for handling difficult situations.

Addiction Treatment

OBH-approved, DUI-specific curriculum
in the delivery of Level I and Level II
services. DUI education and therapy

Case Management

Case management is a collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates
the options and services required to
meet the client’s health and human
service needs.

Vocational Support

We Help people with disabilities,
including substance use, intellectual
and mental health challenges with
obtaining and maintaining employment.

Group Therapy, Peer Groups, Teen Groups

We offer a range of groups for many different needs. Parole,  Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Substance Use Disorder Groups (SUD). Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) and more.

Resource Support

We connect clients to the resources they need to support their recovery and growth. There is no problem we can’t help you address. Ask us about anything.

We are Integrated Insight Therapy

We are changing the face of Mental Health In Delta and Montrose Co.

We believe that many factors influence Mental Health. We work hard to address all the needs clients bring and help them to find solutions. Our team of providers work closely together and support our clients in a team effort. There is more need then ever for the people in our community. We are dedicated to offering compassionate and effective services!

We are here to Help!

We know the hardest action you may ever take is to call us or walk through our door.

We understand how challenging that can be we ensure that you get a sense of support right away.

Getting the support you need can be more than therapy. We are committed to connecting you and assisting you with all the many elements you may need to overcome whatever it is that you are facing.

We believe in our community live in

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(970) 201-1467

555 Meeker Street Delta, CO 81416

300 N Townsend, Montrose

136 W 1st Street, Cortez 81321

2560 Patterson Road, Grand Junction 81505

We promise to:

• Serve all patients.

• Offer discounted fees for patients who are uninsured
or under insured.

• Not deny services based on a person’s race, color,
sex, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation,
gender identity, or national origin.

• Accept insurance, including Medicaid, Medicare,
Children’s Health Insurance program and other
programs accessible in Colorado.

• No one will be denied access to services due to
inability to pay; and there is a discounted/sliding fee
schedule available based on family size and income.