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Services and Programs Description 

Integrated Insight Therapy, LLC (Integrated) is now a Community Mental Health Clinic and is in the process of pursuing our Community Mental Health Center designation. We are expecting more than 16,000 hours provided to Medicaid clients this year across our counties. 

We are credentialed/paneled with at least 26 different insurances, offer a sliding fee scale, and utilize grant-funded programs. We currently accept new members from all insurances. We do accept certifications. We are able to receive referrals from a variety of sources, including primary care, the VA, and other facilities. We work with Probation, Parole, county Departments of Human Services – both APS and CPS – local schools, hospitals, and numerous primary care providers.

In regards to finding placement, we work with hospitals and other facilities throughout the state to regularly find placement and continue to build these relationships in support of our most severe clients.

Integrated serves a diversity of populations, including both pediatric and adult, adolescents, families, couples, and senior adults. We have a variety of provider types, including Psychiatric providers, medical assistants, peers, case managers, addiction counselors (CAT, CAS, and LAC), LPCs, LPCCS, MSWs, LSWs, and LCSWs. 

We are part of CRN – the Community Resource Network (an organization helping to provide and obtain community referrals and resources). We also utilize the QHN and CORHIO, which are both Health Information Exchange systems in Colorado.

Integrated offers services in 6 counties – Mesa, Delta, Montrose, Ouray, San Miguel, and Montezuma with two more expected expansions in the coming months.

Integrated considers itself a LBGTQA+ safe practice. We have and will offer groups to benefit our diverse population. 

Integrated prides itself on getting all appointments within 7 calendar days, especially those released from M-1 holds or other facilities. We offer assessments in early morning hours, late night hours, and on Saturdays to accommodate the needs of these clients in particular.  

Levels of Care:

  • Outpatient
  • Enhanced Outpatient
  • Intensive Outpatient

Medical Treatment

PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES provides additional diagnostic clarification and a medical approach to the treatment of mental illness. Clients will receive medication management as necessary, with a focus on identifying behavioral and lifestyle habits that influence mental wellness. Clients will also receive screening for contributory medical etiologies and comorbidities, and bloodwork as warranted, with referral and collaboration with primary care and other medical specialists. Psychiatric services also provides support for various substance use and eating disorders, with special care in identifying and addressing any underlying psychiatric symptoms that drive substance use. Some MAT services are currently available and our Suboxone clinic is in development. We offer a long-acting injectable clinic and treatment with Clozaril. Focus is centered on insight development, setting and reassessing goals with our patients, frequent meetings for trending symptom management, and a methodical approach to medication management. Clients who are enrolled in medical services are in most cases encouraged to continue in tandem with therapy with a focus on resolving traumas and healing the whole person. This is our perfect bridge between medical and behavioral health and is essential in the ongoing care of our most critical clients.

As part of our Medical Department, we work closely with Genoa Pharmacy to provide wrap-around and personalized support for continuity of pharmaceutical care.

Mental Health Treatment 

We offer EMDR and a variety of modalities such as CRAFT, ACT, CBT, and DBT in the outpatient individual setting. We will start offering PCIT therapy by the end of this year. 

We offer the follow groups:

  • DBT
  • MRT
  • Life Skills
  • Trauma-specific groups
  • IFS groups

 Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Integrated can provide all levels of DUI treatment:

  • DUI Level I
  • DUI Level II
  • DUI Level II 4+

We also offer Enhanced outpatient treatment, utilizing groups (4 hours week) and individual therapy for Substance Use.


JBBS in Delta County Jail. We offer a full range of services as expected by the JBBS grant. 

IMPACT is the program designed by Integrated Insight Therapy to meet the specific needs of a population of individuals that are being held in jail while on the.. prior to competency being raised. The program is used to reduce the use of local jails as places of institutionalization; to immediately begin the restoration process; to decrease the strain clients with incapacitating mental health issues, including those who are not yet in the competency process, have on state and local resources of the criminal justice system; to help clients transition out of awaiting inpatient restoration orders whose primary barrier to outpatient restoration is a lack of appropriate and safe housing option. 

SUCCESS House is short term transitional housing for women involved in child welfare cases as well as the (pre-)competency system. It follows closely with IMPACT and provides a female alternative.

CRT is a Crisis Resolution Team that supports families with youth and young adults who are experiencing behavioral health challenges and would benefit from intensive, short-term (4-6 weeks), in-home services and linkage to ongoing support. Services can include: a needs assessment, service planning, care coordination, crisis management, peer support, family skill building, individual/family therapy, psychiatry, and medication management. CRT aims to prevent unnecessary hospitalization or other out of home placement whenever possible by wrapping services around the family in an effective manner.

MOBILE CRISIS offers 24/7 support for those in a crisis situation. This covers suicidal feelings, emotional dysregulation, coordination of care, peer support, case management, and assessing the situation for a higher level of care. The goal is to de-escalate the client where they are in the community with hopes to prevent a higher level of care for stabilization. This covers Montrose/Ouray/Delta/San Miguel counties.

CASE MANAGEMENT offers daily life skills assistance in a group and individual setting. Our case managers can assist with daily living tasks, resumes assistance for employment, assistance with completing applications, budgeting, and similar needs related to these tasks.

PEER SERVICES offers a way for those who are in successful stages of recovery to give back to their community. Peers work in a variety of contexts and within therapeutic teams, to provide wrap-around services.

(The above three work in a variety of ways with IMPACT, Success, and CRT teams)

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